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May 2017: Apple's New App — Clips!

Jeff Gamet will be leading this exploration of Apple's new app for short movies and much, much more: Clips! Join us on Thursday, May 25, at Metrum Credit Union as we both learn and play with Clips. (It's easier all around if you download the app before you come!) Jeff always does a great job explaining the ins and outs of an app, so this is a great opportunity for all of us!

We'll also finish up our iPhoneography series with a few more pointers. Hope to see you there!

April 2017: iPhoneography Continued

Join us on Thursday, April 27, for more about improving your iPhone photography skills! This month we're concentrating on apps that offer more control over your camera and apps that help you enhance the photos and videos that you take.

Please join us at the Metrum Credit Union at 6:30 pm for this great program!

While we thought Jeff Gamet would be joining us in this month to talk about Clips, it turned out that we needed to postpone to May — so heads up! Make sure May's meeting is on your calendar!

March 2017: iPhoneography — Making the Most of Your iPhone's Camera

Please join us on Thursday, March 23, for an exploration of what our iPhone cameras (and we as photographers) can do! We'll be looking at the functions built into the iPhone as well as third-party apps and what they add to our toolbox. Chris will be presenting some of what she learned at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), but everyone's ideas and experiences are welcome! If you know a neat trick or a great app, be prepared to share! We meet at 6:30 pm at the Metrum Credit Union.


iPhoneography — Making the Most of Your iPhone's Camera is cancelled for February 23. We will postpone the program until March.

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January 2017: Show and Tell!

Please join us on Thursday, January 26, at 6:30 pm for Show and Tell Time! Those of us who acquired some goodies over the holidays (hardware or software) can share what our shiny new toys can do. I'm bringing my ROLI Lightpad Block — a "playable surface" for creating music. What do you have? Please bring and let us see! We meet at the Metrum Credit Union — hope to see you there!

October 2016: A Closer Look at the Sierra Mac OS and iOS 10

Join us for a more in-depth look at Apple's two new operating systems on Thursday, October 27, at the Metrum Credit Union at 6:30 pm. While we had a great time at the MacinTech meeting earlier this month with a few of the really notable new features, Apple's major releases include many more things we should know about. If you have specific questions, email Mark ahead of time so that he knows more about what people want to hear!

September 2016: Movie Magic!

Think that special effects are only for the Hollywood crowd? Join us at Metrum Credit Union on Thursday, September 22, at 6:30 pm to learn what you can do with just your MacBook or an iPad! Chris will be bringing her new greenscreen setup from school, plus some lights, to show how to do a bang-up job, but most of these tricks can be done without anything special. Learn how it all works!

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