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Working with bookmarks

How do I create and manage bookmarks?

Here are the general rules as they apply to working with bookmarks:

  1. Bookmarks are available to registered visitors only.
  2. Bookmarks are saved with your user name and stored on, not in your browser. This allows you to access your bookmarks from any computer, not just the computer you might use at the office, in the school computer lab, in an internet cafe or other location.
  3. Your bookmarks can contain links to pages or to any page on a different website.

How Do I...

How Do I type of questions

This section of our WebsiteFAQs deal with How Do I... style topics. Please note, these are how to steps related to using the website. If you're looking for How To style questions and answers regarding specific software applications please visit our Forums or Search this website.

Optimizing Screen Space

I'm using a computer with a small monitor and the main content area on this website is too small. How can I reclaim more screen space to make reading content easier?

The main content area (the white area you're reading this in) is designed to be readable at screen resolutions of 1024x768 or higher. However, we understand that not everyone has monitors which support that resolution, or perhaps you're using a smaller laptop display. With that condition in mind, we've provided the ability for you to customize some of the primary navigation elements of this website.

Page Not Found but you can try...

Looking for something at

We're sorry. We tried really hard but after looking everywhere on our site we just can't find the page you requested. However, don't give up as there are some common reasons why that might have happened and there are some easy things you can try to correct the problem:

  1. If you typed the URLi yourself, please make sure the spelling is correct and that you have the complete path. In some cases URL's are case sensitive.

Oops... why are you seeing this page

Why are you seeing this page?

Some content and features of this site are restricted to registered MacinTech and Multimedia SIGi Members only. However, don't give up as there are some common reasons why you're seeing this page and there are some easy things you can try to correct the problem:

Website FAQ

About Website FAQ

This section contains Frequently Answered Questions about the website. It contains important information about our website and how you can get the most out of your visit.

Registered members of may post followup questions on any of the topics here by using the comment link at the bottom of any page.

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