Read Me First: Pages Welcome

Welcome to the Pages Forum

This forum is for the discussion of Apple's Pages product (part of iWork).

Try this first:
If you are experiencing some odd behavior try these things first:

  1. Restart your computer and try the task again with only Pages running. Sometimes a restart can fix things and it's an easy thing to try.
  2. Use Apple's Disk Utility Application to Repair Permissions, Restart the computer and try the task again

To get the most out of this forum, when asking for help please remember:

  • You can perform a Search to see if your question has been previously covered
  • Post the version of Pages and version of Mac OSi X you are using. Some issues may be specific to either or both of those items
  • Be reasonably descriptive as to where in your process a problem is occurring.
  • If things were working normally, when did the new problem occur? For example, did you recently run a software update just before the problem occurred?

To find out what version of Pages you are using:

  1. With Pages running, choose Pages menu > About Pages
  2. A dialog will open listing the version number

To find out what version of Mac OS X you are using:

  1. Click on your Desktop to make the Finder the active application
  2. Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. A dialog opens and the version number is listed there.

Pages 2 Presentation

If you are interested in Pages, look under the June 2007 Presentation notes to find a few comments, plus my "before and after" example files.

Chris Domino

Click Here for a direct

Click Here for a direct link to the 2007 Presentation notes from the club meeting regarding Pages