New Site Features

News Aggregator - Seminars Links - Apple Knowledge Base Articles

As part of the upgrade of our site to Drupal 5.x (see related topic) we've also added a few new features to the primary look and feel of the site.

  • Apple Online Seminars: We list all of Apple's current online seminars in the left hand navigation column. We list the 5 most recent but you can click the more to see others.
  • News aggregator: Click on that new link in the left hand navigation column to see a listing for interesting, and often important, content about Apple related topics. We include information from various industry leading locations include Apple itself. For example you can get information on Apple's latest Mac OSi X updates or tips from MacFixIT.
  • Forum News Feeds: We've started to add newsfeed links from other sites into our forum index pages. For example visit the iTunes Forum or the iPhoto Forum where you'll see information at the bottom of those forum index pages. These are official Apple Knowledge Base Article newsfeed links so it's real content direct from the source!

Not every forum displays the special newsfeed content, and as more content becomes available we'll start to integrate that into the overall site. The content provided is updated daily -- every day -- so you are always assured of getting the most up to date information be it from any of the Forum index pages, from the News Aggregator link, or from the Apple Seminar listings.

We hope everyone finds the content helpful and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to post a comment Smile

New design for Multimedia SIG website

Way cool design, Huc! Thanks so much for adding so much helpful new content -- and with such a great look and feel!
Chris Domino

credit where credit is due

Thanks for the kind words but the design is a standard template that comes with Drupal v5. I did do some tweaking to the site wide style sheet (css) to adjust logo positions, etc.. The bulk of the time was spent installing and testing all the add-on modules, and testing for user access and permissions. As you know, there was one break for office permissions that was fixed -- good catch by you -- thanks for taking the time to send the screen shot, it made finding the culprit much faster!

Overall -- out of the can -- Drupal has some some pretty nice templates that make it easy to get started. I did have to do a lot of fiddling to get a variation of this template to work on my other site ( ) and I'm still wrestling with nuances as I've added even more features there.