Rules of the Road

Some Common Sense Rules of the Road

In joining this email list, MacinTech and Multimedis SIGi members and non-members agree to follow all rules outlined on this page. The rules are subject to updates without notice.

The basic rules are:

  • No "flame wars" will be tolerated.
  • All personal conversations must be held off the list. Conversations held on the list must be of benefit to list members.
  • Messages may not contain images or other file attachments.
  • Messages must be in text only -- do not send HTML formatted email.
  • When asking a computer question, be sure to tell everyone which Mac you are using and which version of the Mac OSi.
  • DO NOT reply with an entire copy of a previous message. Four or five lines from a previous message should be the maximum.
  • Use complete sentences and be sure to define terms others may not understand. The purpose of this list is to help others learn and solve problems.
  • Messages must pertain to computers, multimedia, or related topics of direct interest to Multimedia SIG members
  • MacinTech or Multimedia SIG members only may post messages selling items or advertising services. All others must request permission from the list moderator(Drunk.
  • When you stop using an old email address, please Log In and Unsubscribe from the list using the form on this page!

Accounts that bounce too many messages in a given period of time are automatically suspended by the email list software. People who do not follow the rules are subject to suspension.