Read Me First: iPhone Welcome

Welcome to the iPhone Forum

This forum is for the discussion of Apple's iPhone product first released on June 30th, 2007

To get the most out of this forum, when asking for help please remember:

  • You can perform a Search to see if your question has been previously covered
  • Be reasonably descriptive as to where in your process a problem is occurring.
  • If things were working normally, when did the new problem occur? For example, did you recently run a software update just before the problem occurred?

To find out what version of iPhone software and firmware you are using:

  1. With your iPhone running, choose Home > Settings >General > About
  2. A page will be displayed listing the details of your phone including the version, model, etc.

Knowing the specifics about your iPhone can be helpful to try and isolate problems that might have occured with your specific phone -- perhaps after running an update or something similar.