Link to the Calendar in Mac OS X iCal

Linking to this calendar in iCal
The online calendars relies on the industry standard ical format (not to be confused with iCal the application by Apple). This means you can subscribe to this calendar and get updates using Outlook in Windows, iCal in Mac OSi X, or any application capable of handling the ical calendar file format.

Since we're a Macintosh user group we'll describe how to subscribe to the calendar using iCal but the basic process is the same in Outlook.

Stage One: Copy the link you'll need to subscribe

  1. Press Control or Right Click on this link
  2. A contextual menu will appear, choose Copy Link

Stage Two: Make the connection in iCal

  1. Switch to iCal (the application) in Mac OS X
  2. Choose Calendar menu → Subscribe...
  3. A dialog will appear as shown below. Paste the URLi you copied in stage one into the dialog and click Subscribe
  4. A settings dialog will appear as pictured below, make any desired changes and click OK. For example, you may want to set the Auto-Refresh pop-up to Every week so any changes made to the calendar appear in your copy of iCal automatically
  5. MTUGiCalSubscribeCalendar2.jpg

  6. A new item named Macintech & Multimedia SIGi will appear in the left panel in iCal.