Browser Support

What web browsers does the website support?

We're proud to say this site is W3Ci compliant so if you are using any modern browser that supports web standards then the site will behave consistently across all those browsers.

Here's a partial list of web standard compliant browsers (some are more compliant than others):

What about Internet Explorer for Mac OS 9?
Internet Explorer 5.x was great in OS 9 and OS 8, in fact it was one of the first browsers re-written to start complying with the emerging web standards movement. Sadly, while Internet Explorer follows a few of the W3C web standard items, it falls well short of the mark these days. It falls so far short that even MicroSOFT has stated they will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer for the Mac. Sorry folks but it's time to get a better browser (a harsh statement but true).

What about Netscape Navigator?
Sorry, but again we're back to waving the web standards banner and Netscape of old just doesn't make the grade. It was a by product of the browser wars with Microsoft and sadly it's lost the fight on several fronts. Again, it's time to get a better browser.

Do we have a recommended browser?
For our Windows cousins we highly recommend FireFox. This site works fine in Internet Explorer for Windows but FireFox is just better on so many levels.

For the Mac OS, you really have a lot of choices. Of course the site works fine in Apple's Safari browser. Safari also has the added benefit of using the Mac OS X built in spell checker so you can spell check items on the fly before submitting a post. FireFox or Opera are also both excellent choices. In fact, this website (and many other websites we visit) actually feels crisper in FireFox than Safari -- don't ask us why -- the content is the same but it just feels quicker.