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If you have content related to meetings or presentations made in 2019 please post them as part of 2019 Presentations section of this website (i.e. this section)

Do This:

  1. Use the Add Child Page link at the bottom of this page
  2. That puts your new page in the correct spot
  3. Follow the submission guidelines noted below when posting your Agenda notes to announce the meeting
  4. When the meeting is done, Edit this post to include any additional details or use the Add Comment link to add a comment to The Specific meeting agenda page
  5. Please do NOT add comments to this page/post unless they are specific to the content on this page. Put another way, do not add a comment to this post/page if you are wanting to add a new meeting agenda or information relevant to a specific meeting. Open that specific meeting/presentation page instead.

Page Submission Guidelines:

Each presentation page should contain the following information:

  • Subject: The topic that was covered
  • Presenter: The name of the person who presented the subject
  • Date: The Day, Month and Year the subject was covered
  • Location: Where the presentation was given (for example it may have been given at a Multimedia meeting or at a general Macintech meeting)
  • Comments: Any relevant comments about the subject or attached files, or editorial remarks.
  • Attachments: An Adobe Acrobat PDFi and/or Keynote file of the presenters notes. If no slides were presented as part of the subject, additional comments may be included in lieu of attachments.If your attachment is larger than 2 MB read and do the steps described here

Need Help?
Please take a moment to read the following related articles (found in the FAQ section of this site) for help on how to create a presentation page and what to do if you attachment is larger than 2MB

Making a Presentation Page
Uploading Files larger than 2MB

Please note that All Presentation Pages should be given GUEST access as described here.