2003 - 2005 Presentations

2003 to 2005 Presentation Archives

All 2003 through 2005 presentation archives are stored in the Filei Sharing section of our dot.mac iDiski.

To mount our iDisk Public Folder on your Desktop using Mac OSi X Tiger or Panther:

  1. Click on your Desktop to make the Finder the active application
  2. Choose Go menu > iDisk > Other User's Public Folder...
  3. In the dialog box, enter mtug in the Member Name field and press Connect
  4. Double click a folder name to open a folder and drag a file onto your desktop to copy it to your computer

To connect to our Public iDisk folder using another version of Mac OS X or Windows, please read this Apple Support Article for details.

To access the File Sharing page in your web browser: visit this link and navigate to the Presentations folder.