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Read Me First: Showcase Welcome

Welcome to the Showcase Forum

We're hoping members will use this section to post their latest creations or links to the their latest creations.

Please be reasonable in the types and sizes of files you upload. Remember that folks have to download that data later! Currently there is a 1 megabyte file size cap on all attachments which seems pretty reasonable. Please try to be a good neighbor and keep file attachments in the 250 kilobyte or less range if possible.

With this new website we have the capability to add online photo albums and galleries which we'll try to implement over time. First we need to walk... then we'll learn how to run.

Read Me First: About Website Help Forum

about website help

This forum is place to go for getting help using the features and content of this website.

Before posting questions here, please make sure to visit our < a href="websitefaq.htm">Website FAQ pages and try Searching to make sure your subject hasn't already been covered.

Read Me First: Welcome to News and Announcements

Welcome to the News and Announcements Forum

This is where members can share important announcements that none of us want to miss!

August 2020: Fun with iMovie Trailers!

Becky will be presenting "Fun with iMovie Trailers!" — discussing and demonstrating some of the "short stories" that can be told with the iMovie Trailers feature. We'll see great ways to share our stories with friends and relatives in this short, but intriguing format.

Join us via Zoom on Thursday, August 27, at 6:45 pm. The invitation link to the meeting will be sent out two days before.

July 2010: Mac OS Tips and Tricks

We're getting together via Zoom to share our favorite tips and tricks for using MacOS. Perhaps you know some lesser-known feature that really makes your Mac work more efficiently for you — be brave and let us know!

Our meeting will be Thursday, July 23rd, starting at 6:45 pm. (Beware! July has five Thursdays, so our meeting is not the last Thursday of the month!) Look for your Zoom invitation in your email a couple of days before the meeting.

June 2010: Highlights from WWDC 2020

Join us for the highlights from Apple's first virtual WWDC! We will meet via Zoom on Thursday, June 25th, starting at 6:45 pm. Hope to see you then!

May 2020: What Hath Apple Wrought? The Evolution of iTunes — Zoom Meeting

We're meeting again via Zoom on Thursday, May 28, to hear all about what Apple has done to iTunes. If you have Catalina or are thinking of going there, you may want to know how Apple has divided up the multimedia assets in iTunes into the new Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books. Mark will explain all!

You'll get the invitation from Chris to the Zoom meeting on May 26th. Hope to see the virtual you there!

April 2020: Multimedia SIG Goes Online!

Yes, we are back to having meetings! Our next meeting will take place on our usual date — April 23rd — but we will be meeting online via the Zoom teleconference app. We will also be starting just a little later — 6:45 pm. Chris will send out an email with the link and password for the meeting the day before.

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