Our Senior Year

Our Senior Year:

Given we're quickly approaching the end of the fourth year Doug Brown and I (Brian Huculak) have been jointly running the Multimedia SIGi (MMSIG) it seemed a reasonable time to pause for reflection. In no particular order, here's a general summary of some of what we have collectively accomplished in this our senior year.

New friends, new members and more fun
We've had several new faces appear at the various MMSIG meetings over the past four years and this year was no exception. It's been a blast and many of those guests have become members so welcome aboard -- again Smile The subjects covered allow us to all learn a lot and have fun at the same time which is always a great combination. While we may have not remembered everything from every presentation; sometimes it's just important to know something can be done to help spark our individual creative juices.

Website and Email List
We established a new Multimedia SIG website and dedicated Multimedia Email Discussion list. We hope the "net" result (sorry for the pun) has been to make it quicker and easier for all MacinTech and MMSIG members to share successes, failures, ideas, problems and fixes. The website is being hosted for free by the kind folks at Itsamac (www.itsamac.com); a generous perk they tossed us for being a mac shop and to show their support for Mac User Groups everywhere. That kind gift is worth $250 a year and we're thankful for their support.

Brad Taumbaugh also hosts the Multimedia SIG email list in addition to all the other MacinTech email lists on his personal server. So thank you to Brad and Rick Hyman for hosting and dealing with the technical bits (and bytes) that often get forgotten.

We've been very fortunate to have a lot of great members in the MMSIG who have contributed their time and expertise in giving presentations on various topics to our MMSIG and the MacinTech group in general. At the risk of forgetting someone, I'll not cover all their names here; just know we appreciate your efforts! We're also fortunate to have had a few special guest speakers over the year on different subjects to help spice up our meetings and to take the pressure off those who regularly present Smile The range of knowledge of those who shared is always impressive and dare we say their courage to share has helped us all learn more and if nothing else to avoid making the same mistakes ourselves. The entertainment value is always high; as it should be when dealing with friends Smile

In looking back at 2006, I started to look at the dollar value of how much stuff we gave away. It should be noted all the sponsors were great to deal with and many offer their support on a continual basis. It should be noted this list is just for door prizes, we can't begin to put a value on the time and energy our local sponsors such as CompUSA bring to the table in providing a meeting space (CompUSA Park Meadows) or regular expertise (CompUSA on Mexico and Colorado). Nor can we put a dollar value to what each presenter brought to our meetings. In no particular order, here are the approximate retail value of items we've given away in 2006:

  • Roxio Toast 7: $100
  • Wacom Graphire 3 tablet, 6x8: $200
  • Corel Painter 9.5: $430
  • Corel Painter Essentials v3: $80
  • Mac OSi X Tiger: $130
  • iLife '06 (2 copies): $160 ($80 each)
  • N.A.P.P. membership signup bonus: $45 in supplementary training materials after sign-up
  • Photoshop User Magazine: $10 each , we gave away more than we can count
  • Take Control E-Books: we gave away over $200 worth and we're still counting!
  • Discounted Web hosting from Itsamac: members can save $12 to $62 per year on hosting packages

Adding it all up, that's approximately $1400 worth of goodies this year from the MMSIG alone -- WOW. I'd be remiss in not pointing out that amount does NOT count the numerous older versions of PhotoShop Elements and iLife we gave away on top of that (and there were several copies of those).

Overall, no matter how you measure it, it's has been a great year for the Multimedia SIG and that speaks directly to the quality of our members and the effort they put forward. So a thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and members. It's been a great year and now it's time to plan for 2007.

For 2007 we need volunteers to take over running the Multimedia SIG so here's your chance to take the reigns to continue the tradition. Whomever steps up will not be left hanging out in the cold so please take a moment to give it some serious thought. The MMSIG and MacinTech in general is about opportunities and what we, as members, choose to make of those opportunities.

Brian Huculak