February 2008 Meeting — Scanning & Restoring Photos

Have a box of old family photos you'd like to preserve? Join us Thursday, February 28, at Metrum Credit Union from 6:30 to 9:00 pm (or later!) for a HANDS-ON chance to scan and retouch old photos.

I'll be bringing my flatbed scanner, and we can gather around it to scan YOUR old photos. Then we will be demonstrating the actual retouching of the photos we scan, talking about the challenges each photo may present and the tools best suited to correcting any problems. We can't guarantee we will scan each and every photo brought, but we will try to get as many done as possible. If you bring a photo, please also bring a jump drive or a blank CD so that you can actually go home with your scan.

This is a great chance to see Photoshop CS3 in action and the features it has for speeding up photo retouching.