List of Observations

After 48 hours of use, for what they're worth, here's my current list of observations regarding the iPhone:

What's Hot:

  • activation = no brainer
  • great keyboard, very smart fuzzy logic
  • super easy and intuitive to use, both Paula and I found it dead simple and instinctive to use
  • classic Apple look, feel, attention to HIGsi
  • great voice mail
  • high quality feel/construction
  • excellent WI-FI connectivity
  • VPNi Accessibility (albeit I haven't tested it for compliance the fact it's there is a plus)

What's Not:

  • no voice dialing
  • no cut/copy/paste/undo operation seems really odd
  • no custom ring tones
  • No to do list from ical (see Leopard with iCal/Mail To Do list integration)
  • bluetooth headset OK but no bluetooth file transfer seemed odd, particularly since my laptop saw the phone and paired correctly with an authorization key.
  • assigned sound for timer alarm doesn't stick, must be reset each time the timer is used
  • won't sync a smart addressbook group yet will sync smart playlists or smart iphoto albums , very odd
  • no search function (SpotLight) for all local content
  • iPhone Notes don't seem to Sync to anything on my desktop/laptop. Given there's no bluetooth connectivity for file transfers how does someone back those up? While the content in Notes might not be extensive, good user interface design would seem to dictate having means to backup that content -- and Apple typically addresses those type of details well but not in this case. That's also odd since Apple clearly states they want you to backup all your content before sending in a phone for service but there's no way to backup the Notes content.
  • EDIT: I forgot to add: No user replaceable battery (note, Apple does offer a replacement phone for $30 if you have to send yours in, see other posts in this forum for details)

Niggly Bits:

  • can view PDFi and *.Doc (MS WOrd) which is cool yet oddly won't display RTF files (see user manual for full list of supported file types
  • ability to assign a custom sound for anything (ring tone, incoming mail, etc.)
  • multiple email signatures assigned per account a la choice to use mail sig or not (per account). Signatures in should sync with iPhone mail
  • ability to select which account a new message is sent from without being in that account first, cumbersome for those of us with multiple email accounts
  • turn calendars on/off a la ical
  • weekly calendar view
  • nothing happens when clicking a donwload link (e.g. PDF) in Safari which is expected/typical of all hand-helds but some sort of better user interface warning would be more in keeping with Apple attention to detail.
  • needs to Sync iChat buddy lists for SMS messaging. Should poll who's online just like iChat when I'm connected to a Wi-Fi Network. When connected to the wireless EDGE network clearly that may not be practical since SMS is the backbone, not AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Basically I can see tighter iChat integration as being a long term desire for some users hence why it's on my list.
  • no MMS support ( you can't send a photo unless it's via email) which seems odd since the device has a camera and does so much else. This limitation might be a limitation of the service plan offered for the iPhone by AT&T or an issue in the phone itself, I'm not sure. While I don't put a lot of stock in MMS or SMS generally, it just seems that as a feature set it should be there.
  • no access to Favorites when sending email

no WPA enterprise support

this might be a big deal for some folks so it's worth mentioning

the iphone supports WI-FI connections for WEP and WPA Personal, but NOT WPA Enterprise

What does that mean in english? In simple terms, WEP and WPA Personal only require a password to enter the network. WPA Enterprise requires a User Name AND Password which is not supported by the iPhone.

As a cross check I rejigged my home network to test all three conditions and confirm that WEP (the old/lesser secure standard) works fine. WPA Personal (what I normally use at home) also works fine. WPA Enterprise failed with the iPhone but worked with LapTops and Desktop hardware (both Mac and Windows).

We also confirmed with a second WPA Enterprise network -- my wife's office network -- and the iPhone failed there too. One work around would be to use EDGE (the ATT Wireless network) instead but it will be significantly slower. Another solution might be to make a VPNi connection but my suspicion is that may fail if you need to make a WPA Enterprise connection first.

new contact from VCF file

here's another Niggly Item

If I receive an email on the iPHone with a VCF file attached -- I should be able to click on the attachment and have it added to my contact list

Right now clicking on it does nothing Sad

Support for VCF files would make it easier to add information on the phone, then update Address Book on the lap/desk top during the next syncing operation.

Niggly Bits Add

Support for Flash -- it's just everywhere on webpages and or makes up entire websites core interfaces in many cases .NOte this problem is not limited to iPhones but also exists for BlackBerries and the like.

assigned sound for timer

assigned sound for timer alarm doesn't stick, must be reset each time the timer is used

This might have been a problem with how I exited the Timer as it now appears to be sticking to my chosen sound.