Hints and Tips

A few hints and tips on using the list

Soon after submitting your email address, you will receive a confirmation message in your email asking you to confirm the subscription.

This precaution protects your privacy as it prevents someone else from subscribing you to a list without your knowledge.You will be asked to return the confirmation within 24 hours.

To do so, just press the reply button in your email application, and a new email will be generated that is addressed to the correct location with a subject line containing the subscription request and a special code that was sent to you. Send that email and you will then receive a message indicating that you are now subscribed to the Multimedia email list. Keep that message for the additional information it contains.

Only subscribers can post to the list! In order to be a subscriber you must remember to reply to the automated email to complete the sign up process before trying to post messages to the list.

When you are subscribed to this list, you can send a message all other subscribers will receive. The address you should address your message to is multimedia@macintech.org Remember, when replying to a message, you have the choice of replying to just the sender, to just the list, or to both the sender and the list. Generally, pressing Reply in your email client will send the message to just the original sender. Pressing Repy All will send it to both the list and original sender. Please take a moment to review your email program reply options before sending something to the whole list that was perhaps intended for private eyes only |:) (we've all made that mistake)

If you have problems posting a message to the list, check your email address. For example, if you signed up as "james@bond.com", but the list sees your mail coming from "james@bond-007.com" then the message will not be posted and you'll receive a bounced notice. It is important to know the address used to actually send out your emails, and use that address to subscribe. Again, this is a mistake we've all made and it's easy to forget.

Multiple Addresses
You're more than welcome to subscribe using as many addresses as you like. For example you might want to subscribe using your home and business address so you can send information from both email accounts. Remember if you are reading your Multimedia Email at work, you will also have a copy of that message when you log in from home (provided the email addresses are different).