New huc .: creative fine-art photography website

Just a heads up that I've started a new endeavor and since this forum is intended for sharing our latest creations I thought I'd share it here


(that uses one of the new domains that's been recently added by the internet governing bodies)

My Tag Line from the front page to give you an idea:

huc .: creative fine-art photography

Original images available as Open Series or Signature Series artwork. Let's work together to create the perfect image and display to suit your home or office.

While I had planned on rolling my own - I ended up going with a paid turnkey service as it made life a lot easier. While it cost more it let me focus on what I need (wanted) to do vs writing and maintaing code (which I've done before as many of our macintech members know).

The content is essentially 95% ready to go - just have some house keeping issues to resolve. However I thought members might like to get a sneak peak so figured it couldn't hurt to post the link here.

Brian Huculak
Arvada, CO

more about new domains out there

in case folks weren't aware there are several new domains out there these day, I've grabbed another in addition to the *.photography domain noted above

In this case I grabbed up a few of the *.guru domains out there that are related to different things I'm also into. Apple has grabbed several as well such as Apple.GURU, etc., to rightfully protect their brand.

Here's a list of the items I've grabbed up. In my case they don't point to a dedicated web presence, rather I use domain forwarding/redirects with to simply point the new domains to existing content. If you click on any of these links you'll see the effect. Domain redirects can be a helpful way to manage a group, business, or even personal or family brand - it's a little technical but not overly difficult.

Domain Name | Points To | Try the Link of new domain and see how it points somewhere else | | link | | link | | link

And for total fun/convenience/vanity license plate kinda thing, I setup a personal domain for my wife. These ones have been around for quite a while *.me domains. These ones are great for families and such. Here's an example of Paula's: which simply points to her personal collection of iWeb pages. Of course there is the added benefit of her being able to have specific email addresses as well ending in that domain .