Converting DVD content to QuickTime

The question was raised at last month's multimedia SIGi meeting

how do I convert content I have on a DVD into a format I can edit on my mac?

here is the tool I was referring to that will do that job

I agree

I have used this program when it first arrived on the market and found it to be very very useful to use and would have to say its the easiest as well as perfect way to bring a DVD you have published back onto your mac. Now as for Movies you rent from Blockbuster or other video outlets it does not decrypt those types of DVD's. I would highly recommend this program and its worth the cost to purchase this program for those that have created projects in High Def or need multichannel audio seperated out you can get the pro and HD versions of this program as well and they work seemlessly with Final Cut Pro and Express. I believe they still have demos avalible on the site and possibly if the group has an interest for it we could perhaps get a demo copy?