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This list is used by Macintech and Multimedia SIGi members to discuss topics related to multimedia and Apple Macintosh computers. Topics include how-to instructions, requests for advice, problem solving, and announcements related to the Macintosh, and the MacinTech Users Group Multimedia Special Interest Group.

Subscription to this list is open to members and non-members of the MacinTech or Multimedia user groups.

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Other Macintech Lists

The Multimedia List is just one of several email discussion lists hosted by our parent group, MacinTech. For more information on the other discussion lists available, please visit this link at external website link

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Multimedia List Email Archives

Multimedia SIGi Email List Archives:

We maintain a monthly archive of messages sent to this email list. Click Here external website link to search the archive of prior postings.

Email List Archives verses using our Online Forums
While the email list archives are searchable, they can be a bit cumbersome to use. Rather than relying on the email list and it's archives, you may want to consider posting your questions and answers in our forums. The forums maintain a more direct method of tracking a thread and they are easy to search (simply use the Search field at top of any page)
Just food for thought -- there's no right or wrong answer.


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Hints and Tips

A few hints and tips on using the list

Soon after submitting your email address, you will receive a confirmation message in your email asking you to confirm the subscription.

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When you are subscribed to this list, you can send a message all other subscribers will receive. The address you should address your message to is Remember, when replying to a message, you have the choice of replying to just the sender, to just the list, or to both the sender and the list. Generally, pressing Reply in your email client will send the message to just the original sender. Pressing Repy All will send it to both the list and original sender. Please take a moment to review your email program reply options before sending something to the whole list that was perhaps intended for private eyes only |:) (we've all made that mistake)

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Multiple Addresses
You're more than welcome to subscribe using as many addresses as you like. For example you might want to subscribe using your home and business address so you can send information from both email accounts. Remember if you are reading your Multimedia Email at work, you will also have a copy of that message when you log in from home (provided the email addresses are different).

Rules of the Road

Some Common Sense Rules of the Road

In joining this email list, MacinTech and Multimedis SIGi members and non-members agree to follow all rules outlined on this page. The rules are subject to updates without notice.

The basic rules are:

Accounts that bounce too many messages in a given period of time are automatically suspended by the email list software. People who do not follow the rules are subject to suspension.

Going on Holidays?

Going on Holidays?

If you are going to be away for an extended period, and you have setup your email address to automatically respond with a vacation message, please:

  1. Log In with the form on this page
  2. temporarily suspend receiving email from the multimedia sig list
  3. log in and reactivate it when you return

Simple really... every time someone sends a message to the list, they receive your I'm away, come break into my house email. In some cases, that email might even be sent to the entire list. The automated emails do nothing but increase email traffic and we already have plenty of that in our lives Cool