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April Multimedia SIG Meeting

And now for something completely different! This month's meeting will be hands-on play with podcasting, using GarageBand. We'll learn the basics of adding voice tracks, zingers, and music while making short practice podcasts. No, you don't have to worry about these turning up in public! This is a practice session, and we'll have lots of fun.

I'll also be bringing the finished retouches of a couple of photos we scanned in February and March, and we'll finalize the May and June presentations.


February 2008 Meeting — Scanning & Restoring Photos

Have a box of old family photos you'd like to preserve? Join us Thursday, February 28, at Metrum Credit Union from 6:30 to 9:00 pm (or later!) for a HANDS-ON chance to scan and retouch old photos.

I'll be bringing my flatbed scanner, and we can gather around it to scan YOUR old photos. Then we will be demonstrating the actual retouching of the photos we scan, talking about the challenges each photo may present and the tools best suited to correcting any problems. We can't guarantee we will scan each and every photo brought, but we will try to get as many done as possible. If you bring a photo, please also bring a jump drive or a blank CD so that you can actually go home with your scan.

This is a great chance to see Photoshop CS3 in action and the features it has for speeding up photo retouching.

January 2008 Meeting

We're starting the new year right — by getting organized for 2008 and meeting in a wonderful new space. Thanks to Metrum Community Credit Union, we have a quiet and spacious new room for our meetings. Please join us Thursday, January 24th at Metrum to discuss our plans for the year. We will also have a presentation about Numbers, the newest member of the iWork '08 suite.

Notes from the January 2008 Meeting

Chris's Comments:
I demonstrated some basics in Numbers, the new spreadsheet module that's been added to iWork '08. For a 1.0 product, it's slick and flashy — and I'm in love. Instead of the boring old ugly Excel spreadsheets I've been dealing with forever, I can now use Numbers to produce publication-worth charts and graphs. It's greatest strength is that each sheet within a workbook now is a blank canvas that lets you put multiple spreadsheets, charts, and tables onto one page. I urge you to try it out or visit the demo on the Apple webpage:

We had time after the demo for some remarks about on-line tutorials. Chris demo'd www.lynda.com, which allows users to sign up by the month ($25) or by the year — really convenient if you're not sure you'll use it. Lynda.com has tutorials on just about any application you might have (PC or Mac), as well as some general topics like Color Management.

Craig demo'd KelbyTraining.com, which focuses more specifically on photography. It's relatively new, but they are adding tutorials rapidly. Check them both out!

July 2008 Multimedia SIG -- Web Design!

Join us Thursday, July 24th, 6:30 pm at the Metrum Credit Union for Craig Lewis's presentation, "When iWeb Is Not Enough, and DreamWeaver Is Too Much!" Craig will show you what you can -- and can't -- do with iWeb, and how RapidWeaver, a low-cost web design program, can do much more. This is a great intermediate program for those of us who don't want to spend $399 for the feature-laden and complex DreamWeaver software. We hope to see you there!

June 2008 Multimedia SIG -- iMovie '08 Hands On!

Join us Thursday, June 26, at 6:30 pm at Metrum Credit Union for a chance to play around with iMovie '08. This is a hands-on opportunity -- we will have 6 or so MacBooks so that we can all explore this very different version of iMovie. I will be bringing a video camera so that we can walk through the steps for importing footage, and then we will play with some pre-imported footage and learn the basics of editing and adding sound to our movies. We hope to see you there!

March 2008 Presentation — Restoring Old Photos Yet Again!

We had so much fun in February, we're doing it again in March. Bring your old photos, and we'll have a chance to play with a scanner, a Wacom tablet, and Photoshop. If you have a laptop with Photoshop of any kind, bring it along to share.

May 2008 Multimedia SIG Meeting

This is a hot meeting! Craig Lewis will be demonstrating the latest version of Photoshop Elements. Elements is Photoshop's little brother and perfect for those of you who don't want to shell out the equivalent of a car payment for a piece of software. Elements can do much of the photo enhancement and retouching that we have been demo'ing this year with the full version of Photoshop. Come see what tricks the new version has!

You don't want to miss this meeting -- the door prize is a copy of Photoshop Elements!

October 2008 - Digital Television and the Elgato EyeTV

Subject: Digital Television and the Elgato EyeTV presentation

Presenters: Brad Tombaugh and Rick Hyman

Date: 14 October 2008

Location: MacinTech Meeting

Summary: Digital Television is available now, and will be the only way to get free, over-the-air programming in February, 2009. See a brief outline of the history of television technology, the advantages of digital TV, and learn what some of your options are for receiving digital TV broadcasts. One of those options is using an Elgato EyeTV with your Macintosh. EyeTV lets you watch and record TV programs, and edit and record to DVD. You can even use an EyeTV to transfer content from a VCR, video camera, or a DVR to your computer.

Attachments: Download a copy of the presentation as an Adobe Acrobat PDFi

Digital TV.pdf309.62 KB

October 2008 Dual Topics: RSS Feeds and Publishing Your Own Books

Join us Thursday, October 23, at 6:30 p.m. at the Metrum Credit Union. Craig Lewis will be talking about RSSi feeds at our October meeting and the website blurb.com. RSS feeds let you quickly see what's new on any topic you're really interested in. Blurb allows you to publish your own books -- at no cost to you. You pay only for books that you buy. You can set whatever price you wish on the website and set your profit level. They also have templates for things like cookbooks.

September 2008 — Dreamweaver Demo

Join us Thursday, September 25, at 6:30 at the Metrum Credit Union. David Lamoreaux will demo a site he has designed in Dreamweaver. We will have at least one other demo in Dreamweaver CS3, and everyone is encouraged to bring info or web design tips. This will be the last of the series this year on web design and a good opportunity to wrap up the topic!

Comments about Dreamweaver Meeting

We had a potpourri of websites and web design problems presented tonight. We spent relatively little time in Dreamweaver, but did look at creating rollover menus in the program. Rollovers are easy to do in this program.

We talked about the pro's and con's of adding a database to a website. The most important thing is to define the parameters of the database program -- what output do you want? What might the end user need? Put most of your time in the upfront issues; clarity in the design stage will lead to ease of code creation.

We also talked about the importance of having consistent navigation. A site that does not make clear which page you are on or how to get to the home page will confuse its users. Do you have to click the back button to get anywhere? That's a design flaw.

We will be talking about RSSi feeds at our October meeting and the website blurb.com. Blurb allows you to publish your own books -- at no cost to you. You pay only for books that you buy. You can set whatever price you wish on the website and set your profit level. They also have templates for things like cookbooks.

Utilities You Already Have on Your Mac

Rick Hyman and Zimmie gave a presentation at the July 2008 general MacinTech meeting describing utilities you already have. They talked about maintaining your Mac, using utilities such as Grab, Profiler, Console, Terminal, Activity Monitor and much more. Chris Domino took extensive notes on this presentation and the notes are available here in PDFi format..

UtilitiesYouHave.pdf90.84 KB