Forum Specific RSS Feeds

How do I subscribe to an RSSi News Feed for a specific Forum?

Being able to subscribe to a RSS News Feed for a specific forum is an easy way to say in touch with only the information you need without having to visit the website. When you subscribe to a Forum Specific RSS feed, any new particles posted to that specific Forum will automatically appear in your RSS News Feed reader application.

Please note that Forums which contain Member Only content will produce an empty RSS feed in your news reader. We're aware of this limitation but are unaware of a method to have this content published and still maintain Member Only Access. Until we can determine a practical solution you'll still need to visit the site to get the latest member only perks.

What To Do:
We will provide an example here on how to subscribe to the Podcasting Forum. The same steps may be used to subscribe to any Forum on the website.

To Subscribe to a Forum RSS Feed, do this:

  1. Navigate to the page of our choice. In this example, navigate to the Podcasting Forum
  2. Click on the RSS icon that appears at the bottom of the list of current posts in the forum (see screen shot below)
  3. Follow the screen prompts to complete the subscription process and have the feed display in your news feed reading program of choice
  4. Each time a new post is added to our the specific forum, your news feed reader application will display a brief summary and a link back to our website for the full article


To subscribe to a different forum, simply open your Forum Page of choice in step (1) and repeat steps (2) through (4).

Please note, we're aware of a problem when subscribing to this RSS feed with FireFox. However, the news feed subscription works correctly with Safari and Opera (and may work with other browsers). We apologize for any inconvenience however the feed is generated automatically by Drupal and we just don't know how to correct the condition so it works correctly in Firefox. When we have a fix this article will be updated.