Past Topics

About the Multimedia SIGi

Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student in the Macintech User Group Multimedia SIG (Special Interest Group). A collaborative environment - tapping into the wealth of knowledge in the room - creates an energizing and fun atmosphere, edriving accelerated learning curves.

We focus on multimedia, including digital photography, video, audio and graphics. Live demos illustrate the WHY and HOW TO behind successful (or failed) techniques. Interactive Q&A allows you to quickly make the shared knowledge your own. Please review the rest of our Mission Statement to learn more about us and review some of our recently covered topics.

Although we're located in the South Denver metro area our membership consists of residents from various areas of Denver, suburbs, and adjacent cities. Experience levels range from novice to expert across a wide range of backgrounds and ages. We look forward to seeing you at our next schedule meeting (drop-in's and first-timers are always welcome).

Past Topics we've covered include:

Here's just a partial list of the various topics we covered in our newsletters and live demo's at our various meetings over the years. If you'd like to learn more please feel free use the Feedback link at the bottom of the page to send us an email. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for meeting or newsletter topics and don't forget you don't have to be an expert to present your own experiences. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Don't forget to check out our Forums where we discuss future topics for upcoming meetings - feel free to vote, post comments or send in your own suggestion by email or at our next planning meeting.

If you had attended all of the Multimedia SIG meetings in past years, you would have learned valuable techniques through live demos from members or vendors:

We've been an active Apple User Group since 2003 and are part of the parent user group which has been active for over a decade in the greater Denver, CO, area.