iWork 08 General Information

Here is the read me file that Apple includes with iWork 08 which includes a general what's new description and the system requirements. For specific discussion on the applications associated with iWork visit the application specific forums on this website. Make sure to visit Macintech Multimedia SIGi? and general MacinTech meetings to learn more about iWork '08 and how to use it effectively.

Read Before You Install iWork ’08
iWork makes it easy for you to create, present, and publish your work with style. iWork ’08 includes Numbers, an innovative spreadsheet application; Pages, a powerful word processor; and Keynote, a cinema-quality presentation application.

What’s in this version of iWork ’08
iWork ’08 includes Numbers ’08, Pages ’08, and Keynote ’08.

Numbers ’08
Powerful and familiar spreadsheets

  • Over 150 functions
  • 2D and 3D charts
  • Format bar for text, tables, graphics, and charts

Innovative, intelligent tables

  • Multiple, resizable tables on a canvas
  • Readable cell names in formulas
  • Footer rows for summary calculations
  • Table tool for sorting and filtering
  • Checkboxes and sliders in cells

Impressive results in minutes

  • Freeform canvas to arrange tables, graphics, and charts
  • iLife Media Browser
  • Interactive print view
  • Customizable templates and table styles


  • Import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Import AppleWorks spreadsheets
  • Import and export other common formats
  • Drag and drop Address Book contacts

Pages ’08
Streamlined word processing

  • Format bar for text, tables, graphics, and charts
  • Customizable paragraph, character, and list styles
  • Section, layout, and page breaks

Advanced writing tools

  • Change tracking and reviewer comments
  • Mail merge with Address Book
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Spellchecker and proofreader
  • Page navigator and search view

Great-looking documents in minutes

  • Over 140 templates from letters to newsletters
  • iLife Media Browser
  • 3D charts with realistic textures

Powerful page layout mode

  • Freeform graphics canvas
  • Link text across multiple text objects
  • Text wraps around graphics


  • Import and export Microsoft Word documents
  • Import AppleWorks word processing documents
  • Send to iWeb

Keynote ’08
Stunning presentations in minutes

  • Apple-designed themes with coordinated text, tables, and charts
  • Slide navigator
  • Reviewer comments
  • Format bar for text, tables, graphics, and charts

Easy-to-use graphics tools

  • Alignment guides and rulers
  • Instant Alpha for image background removal
  • Shapes and freeform Bézier curves
  • Image masks with basic and custom shapes
  • iLife Media Browser

Amazing animations

  • Cinema-quality slide transitions and object builds
  • Move, rotate, scale, and opacity builds
  • Smart Builds for images with drop zones

Flexible ways to deliver presentations

  • Presenter view with notes, timer, and next screen displays
  • Interactive slideshows for kiosks
  • Record narration and timing
  • Send to iWeb, GarageBand, and iTunes


  • Import and export Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Import AppleWorks presentation documents
  • Import and export other common formats

System requirements
A Macintosh computer with a 500MHz or faster PowerPC G4, or G5, or Intel processor
512MB of RAMi (1GB recommended)
32MB of video memory
Mac OS X version 10.4.10 or later
QuickTime 7.2 or later
iLife ’08 recommended
1GB of available disk space

Installing iWork ’08
The iWork Installer installs Numbers, Pages, and Keynote applications. iWork must be installed on your startup volume (the partition of your hard disk that contains a System folder for Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later). Previously installed versions of iWork on the same volume will not be affected by the iWork ’08 installation.

To install iWork ’08:

  1. Insert the Install disc.
  2. Double–click the Install icon on the disc, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

When installation is complete, files will be on your hard disk in the following locations:
The applications are in /Applications/iWork ’08
The iWork Tour is in /Library/Application Support/iWork ’08

More information
iWork ’08 comes with all the information you need to start creating your own slideshows, documents, and spreadsheets:

  • iWork ’08 Getting Started, included in the product box, is a quick way to prepare yourself to be a self–sufficient Numbers, Pages, and Keynote user. You can also view or download this document from www.apple.com/iwork/documentation/.
  • The iWork Tour is an onscreen demonstration of what you can do with Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. To view the tour, open Numbers, Pages, or Keynote and choose iWork Tour from the Help menu (Help > iWork Tour).
  • The Keynote ’08 User’s Guide, the Pages ’08 User’s Guide, and the Numbers ’08 User’s Guide are PDFi documents containing easy–to–follow but detailed instructions for using Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. The user’s guides are on the iWork ’08 installation disc. You can open the files from the disc or drag the file to your hard disk. You can also view or download the guides from www.apple.com/iwork/documentation; choose Help > Keynote User Guide, Help > Pages User Guide, or Help > Numbers User Guide to quickly access this webpage.
  • Detailed instructions are also available in onscreen help, as are links to sources of additional information about iWork ’08. To access onscreen help, open Numbers, Pages, or Keynote and choose Help > Keynote Help, Help > Pages Help, or Help > Numbers Help.
  • Numbers, Pages, and Keynote have many keyboard shortcuts you can use when performing tasks. Open Numbers, Pages, or Keynote and choose Help > Keyboard Shortcuts to view them.

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