2006 Presentations

2006 Presentation Archives

Starting in 2006 we've moved the presentation archives to our new website. This allows us to provide a bit more information with each presentation entry. It also means the basic text included, as noted below, for each presentation is searchable on this website to make it easier for you to find information.

Each presentation is a page with the following information:

  • Subject: The topic that was covered
  • Presenter: The name of the person who presented the subject
  • Date: The Day, Month and Year the subject was covered
  • Location: Where the presentation was given (for example it may have been given at a Multimedia meeting or at a general Macintech meeting)
  • Comments: Any relevant comments about the subject or attached files, or editorial remarks.
  • Attachments: An Adobe Acrobat PDFi and/or Keynote file of the presenters notes. If no slides were presented as part of the subject, additional comments may be included in lieu of attachments.

We hope you find this new format helpful and we're looking forward to adding new content.